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I am building a 3D Real-Time Simulator for the BattleTech/MechWarrior Universe. The rules will follow the role-playing rules and only vary in the conversion from a turn-based system to a real-time system. All conversions will be justified and will result in similar, if not identical behavior, if viewed in a turn-based time frame.

Physics, scale, and interactions will be of highest importance, followed by accurate input/output (i.e external hardware, see MechWarrior Combat Simulator Cockpit for more explanation), and with visual impressiveness being of lowest importance (i.e. I'm not starting out with beautiful models that don't interact with their environment correctly). Network multi-player is not a priority.

The initial project will cover the technology of 2550. It will start in the year 2550 and span to current time of 3070's. Since a game that size would be imposible to create in one shot, it will start with the range 2550 to 3025, a decline in technology. Each faction will be a separate add-on as will steps in time (3025-3050, 3050-3055, etc.). Clan will be an option, but only through participation in the Exodus.

The primary focus is a single-player game, multi-player is a separate function with the possibility of tying the two together with Solaris VII. The game will be comprised of a multi-generational character (obvious given the time frame). The game will be a collection of campaigns, divided into battles. Progress through the game will present options to the user allowing them to shape their destiny. All element of the game can be either scripted (pre-determined), randomly generated, or a combination of the two.

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My name is Derk Adams. I am currently the Director of Internet Development at the University of California, Riverside. I have followed the BattleTech Universe since 1984. I find the role-playing game tediously slow, and the video games extremely shallow. I hope to combine the best of both to create a video game that is fast paced, but with the depth that the BattleTech Universe has to offer.

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