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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you developing BattleTech Simulator (BTS)?
A: I desire to build a Mech cockpit simulator, similar to what some individuals are doing with Microsoft's Flight Simulator. Since the Mechwarrior video games do not have the ability to export information to a hardware system, like MFS, I need to develop my own game that has those capabilities. Note: I am building this game for my personal use. If others get enjoyment from the game, great, but I am not developing it for the public.

Q: When does BTS take place?
A: Since I have never cared for the small windows of time that other games use, BTS will begin at 2550 an go to current time (currently around 3650). Missions will be scaled based on time frame activity, so some years will have very little action, where others will be packed. Vehicles (including Mechs) and equipment availability will vary over time. Therefore, the game will start with level 2 Inner Sphere technology, degrade to level 1 IS technology, and recover to level 2 with the addition of Clan technology.

Q: Will there be player controlled ...?
A: The current plan is to have mechs (including quads), vehicles, vtols, aerospace, dropships, assaultships, jumpships, LAMs (Land-Air-Mechs), battle armor, proto-mechs, and infantry. Each will be able to be controlled by the player, although some would question going up against a Mech as a team of infantry.

Q: Will there be network support?
A: Currently, I am concentrating on the single-player mode (since that is what I want from the game), however, I am building it with the plan to add LAN functionality (great use for Solaris VII). There currently are no plans to limit the number of players, but technology will be the deciding factor.

Q: Will there be joystick support?
A: Yes. Currently the biggest issues are developing the game, control systems will come later in the development process.

Q: Does it use rule ...?
A: I am currently using all of the BattleTech books in my library for the game rules with "Total Warfare," "Tech Manual", "Tactical Operations" and "Strategic Operations" making up the bulk of them. I vary from them only where necessary. In "Game Features", I state the rules used and whether they are from the rule book or interpretations of my own.

Q: Will you release a mission editor?
A: No. Missions will be generated, not designed.

Q: Why can't I turn?
A: Turn rate is based on your speed. If your throttle is set at 100%, your turn rate is 0%. If your throttle is set at 0%, your turn rate is 100%. As a pilot, it is your responsibility to balance your speed and turn rate for maximum efficiency.

Q: Why do I slow down on small hills?
A: The rules are very clear on the movement abilities of the various units. An 11 degree incline will decrease your speed by 50%, a 22 degree incline will decrease your speed by 66%, and a 33 degree incline is unpassable. The map MFD shows passable areas in black. The terrain itself will give you clues as to the areas that will slow you down. You can avoid the slow down by maneuvering around the inclined areas.

Q: When will it be finished?
A: As I am developing this on my free time, I have no idea when it will be finished. I am going for a quality game that will have thousands of hours of play time, unlike the current game industry, where most games can be finished in less than 20 hours.

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