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MilkShape Animations

Postby adamsderk » Tue May 02, 2006 8:01 pm


To continue advanced modeling instructions.

MilkShape is required to be able to export animated models for Torque. Yes, it is possible to do it in other programs, but I am requiring MilkShape so that all the raw data files can be accessed by me.

MilkShape Web Site

Selected individuals will be provided with the appropriate animation MilkShape files. Please do not release them to the general public. Contact me if you would like to participate. I am assuming a level of familiarity with MilkShape to follow these instructions.

File Formats and Names
Model: obj file named as chassis name (not variant)
Texture: png file named "base.chassis.png" (i.e. base.archer.png)
MilkShape: MilkShape file named as chassis (can add numbers after name to designate save points)
All of these files should be in the same directory.

1. Open the appropriate MilkShape file.
2. Save as the new chassis name (to be sure to not destroy the original).
3. Delete the current model (but not the skeleton).
4. Import the obj file (it should bring the texture in as well).
5. Scale the model to the correct size.
6. Center the model on the origin and make sure the distance to the back of the model (from the origin) is the same as the front. This is necessary to get the bounding box as small as possible.
7. Move the skeleton points to align them with the appropriate "joints" on the model.
    These include, pelvis, bend, twist, clavicle, head, eye, rhip, rknee, rfoot, rtoe, lhip, lknee, lfoot, rshoulder, relbow, rhand, lshoulder, lelbow, and lhand. It does not include base, rtorsof rtorsor, ltorsof, ltorsor, ctorsor, and bendr as they are simply attachment points for damage display.

8. Attach the various mesh pieces to the appropriate joints.
9. Zero the joints (under Tools).
10. Switch to animation mode and make sure everything works correctly.
11. Switch out of animation mode and save.
12. Zip the obj, texture (1 or more if you have done the faction textures), and MilkShape file (or files if you have more than one) and email to me.

Do not worry about the mount points as I will move, add, and delete as necessary before exporting. Also, you should not create or delete joints, everything you need is in the MilkShape file. If not, you may need a different animation file.

That way, all that I will do is set the mount points, check the model, export it, create the variant data files, add the datablock, create the footprint file, and test.


1. When you first install MilkShape change the joint size.
File -> Preferences -> Misc -> Joint Size -> 0.1
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Postby Jove » Wed May 03, 2006 8:37 pm

Last version 2.5 of exporter DTSplus, very complete. ...

And a possible alternative to milkshape, proves and to see that it seems to him.
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Postby adamsderk » Wed May 03, 2006 9:49 pm


Shaper looks to be very good. I may switch to it when it comes out of Beta.

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