Vindicator; Complete!

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Vindicator; Complete!

Postby Smoking_Mirror » Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:34 am

Here's the Vindicator, an effective design used by house Liao.
I've left the hands on both arms so that other variants can be created. I envision later development of BTS using hands as a standard weapon model, mounted on the mech just like a large laser or LRM launcher. However, for now it's good to have hands ready for use, just in case.

Usually armed with A PPC, Small LRM launcher and a couple of lasers. Equipped with jump jets. 1104 triangles.

The Vindicator.


And here's the files. This is the first mech to use both the basic texture builder and baked textures. I think it looks much better.

Vindicator files.
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