The Campaign Part 8

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The Campaign Part 8

Postby adamsderk » Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:29 pm

I told you it would be quick to put in the repair code. :)

Going into the repair bay you get a list of all your units that need to be repaired and/or reloaded. The cost to do each is listed as well. Your choices are to "Repair" which repairs everything on the unit, "Reload" which refills all the ammo, or "Fix all" which does both.

Now it might happen that you won't have enough funds to do everything you want, so you can pull up the specs for a unit and then go into "Detail" view which shows all the equipment by location as well as its current vs original status. Those items that can be repaired or reloaded have a box next to them. As you click on each box, it repairs/reloads that particular item. So you can choose if it is more important to repair that gyro or just beef up the armor and hope for the best.

So, salvage, scrap, and repair are in. As I looked at the campaign rules closer, I realized that I still need to add, not one, but three sections. The first was logistics (pay the upkeep for your units) which I knew I needed to do. The other two are connected, reinforcements where you can purchase brand new units (actually using your combat pool, which was used to purchase units before beginning the campaign), and a way to move your reinforcement funds between your combat, logistics, and repair pools.

So that's next.

After that, I have to write the AI code that will do all of this for the opposition as well as those sections you might not have access to due to your rank. I.e. the same code will be used for you as against you.

Then, I can do the wrap ups like dealing with campaign win/loss, etc.

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Postby SandMan » Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:36 am

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