Revisit 14 - Projectiles and buildings and infantry

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Revisit 14 - Projectiles and buildings and infantry

Postby adamsderk » Wed Aug 12, 2009 4:43 pm


Quick breakthrough today (after struggling for a week). I got the projectiles to not explode inside the buildings, but hit the wall instead. Very satisfying moment. Then while thinking about it I realized that if the projectile started inside a building, it bypassed the normal collision checks (which is what I put in), and would never actually find another object inside a building, i.e. it would fly through another player and hit the wall behind them. Fortunately, now that I understand how the collision is checked, I can "remove" the building and see if it impacts something else before leaving the building.

So that means I'm working on infantry now. I started pulling in an old model (thanks Hana) to use as a place holder. But now that I am only using a single model (instead of 14), I can up the poly limit.

So, I could really use a soldier model of around 1500 polys as either a placeholder or final model (as there is only one in the game). It will be a skin (as opposed to blocks for the Mechs) that will deform during animation.

And if you are being really industrious, you might want to try the mechanized infantry (which are next). That includes a soldier on a wheeled ATV, one on a tracked ATV, and lastly one on a hover ATV.

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Postby Hana Yuriko » Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:13 pm

I'm glad that's just a placeholder. Those low poly guys I made are ugly.
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