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  *Values range from 1 – 150 CF = 10 – 1500 Points
  *Each level has building CF value
  ***Inside unit reduces speed from 1/2 - 1/5 regular
  *Can be entered only from ground level (cannot be jumped into)
  Each level can support tons based on current CF
  Exceeding will cause collapse
  *Apply damage to contained units based on damage factor.
  Becomes rubble after collapse
  *Apply CF / 10 (ru) from 10 seconds ago to each contained unit.

* specifies implemented concept.
*** specifies something that should be in another object (but is here to remind me).

Art Requirements

Building levels are 32m wide, 32m deep, and 6m high.

There are three textures necessary:
1. Bottom level
2. Upper level (duplicated for more than 2 levels high)
3. Damage (used for all levels).
If you want faction variation, you will need two more texture files (black and white or alpha mask). They are used with a single color to alter the base texture.
4. Bottom level mask
5. Upper level mask

A building can have buildings next to it on any side, so there is no "front" or "back" (although the textures have labels to keep orientation).

Texture template has outside on the top and inside on the bottom.

Files should be png format if possible. If jpg is necessary, please turn compression off (make big files).

There will be the opportunity for specialized buildings, but they will still need to fit in a single "box" for collision and should be multiples of the default building size (so, 32x32x18 is ok as a single building). Please contact me before starting a specialized building.

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