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   Mechanized - Wheeled
   Mechanized - Tracked
   Mechanized - Hover
      *Walk: 1 MP = 30m/10s = 3m/s = 10.8km/h = 17mi/h
         *Horizontal: 3 MP = 90m/10s = 9m/s = 32.4km/h = 52mi/h
         *Vertical: 3 MP = 6 meters per MP * 3 MP / 5 seconds for trip to apex = 3.6m/s = 13km/h = 21m/h
      *Move fast: Turbo mode that adds 1 MP and disallows weapon firing.
      *Move or Fire: Same as move fast.
      *No facing - no limit on turn rate, no impact on speed
      Carrier stationary to mount or dismount
      No actions while mounted (only dismount)
      Cannot dismount into prohibited terrain
      *Conventional: 10 points per trooper.
      Mechanized: 20 points per trooper.
      *Switch between 1 or more weapons
         Base: gunnery skill
      Range: medium +2, long +4
      Stealth: No modifier.
      Mimetic: Add modifier.
      Camo: Add modifier.
      Mechanized: Take damage * 2 from non-infantry weapons
      *Foot: 3d6 per 2 levels = 90 points per 2 levels = 45 points per level
      *Motorized: 2d6 per 2 levels = 70 points per 2 levels = 35 points per level
      Mechanized/Jump: 1d6 per 2 levels = 30 points per 2 levels = 15 points per level
         Clear: take damage * 2
      Mechanized: -1 MP
      *Enter only on ground floor or adjacent level
      *No jumping inside buildings
      *Change level 1 MP
      Change level Mechanized 2 MP
      *Take damage from building
      *Take 3 times damage from falling building
      CBT: Infantry cannot be target of charge attacks
      Vehicle not slowed by impact, infantry falls in direction of impact and is run over
      Infantry not collidable if in fallen position
      Maximum 1 damage (10 points) [hit only one trooper]
      Pass through, no collision
      CBT: Stomp does tonnage / 5 damage
      BTS: Stomp does maximum of 1 damage (10 points]
      Friendly does not damage
   Target designator
   Nav points
   Mission goals
   Weapon reload
   Armor left
   Root (mg)
   Root (launcher)
   Fall forward
   Fall back
      Motorized (atv)
      Mechanized Hover
      Mechanized Wheeled (dune buggy)
      Mechanized Tracked
      Harpoon (Leg Attack)
      *Ballistic Rifle
      Energy Rifle
      *Machine Gun
      Jump Jet Pack

* signifies implemented concepts.
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