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BTS Manual: VTOL School

Turn Performance

VTOLs cannot survive under water and will be destroyed if submerged. Pushing a VTOL down into the ground will also destroy it.

VTOL Controls

Control Stick

Moving the stick forward and back rotates the weapons vertically. Pulling the stick back causes the weapons to angle up. Pushing the stick forward causes the weapons to angle down.
Mouse movements up and down creates the same effect as the control stick.
minus Pitch weapons down
plus Pitch weapons up

Moving the stick left and right controls the twisting of the weapons or direction of the turret.
Mouse movements left and right creates the same effect as the control stick.
less than Twist weapons left
greater than Twist weapons right

Foot Pedals

Foot pedals contol the direction of movement. Applying left pedal turns the VTOL left. Pushing the right pedal turns the VTOL right.
left arrow Turn left
right arrow Turn right


The throttle controls the engine's output. Pulling the throttle back closes the throttle, decreasing the engine output. Pushing the throttle forward opens the throttle, increasing the engine output. Reversing the output allows the VTOL to fly backward, but at a slower rate than moving forward.
1 - 0 0 - 100% thrust
Up Arrow Increase thrust by 1%
Down Arrow Decrease thrust by 1%
backspace Reverse thrust direction


The collective controls the VTOL's elevation. Pulling the collective up increases the elevation. Pushing the collective down decreases the elevation. Only residual power can be used to change elevation, therefore decreasing the throttle will increase the collective speed.
j Increase elevation
Shift j Decrease elevation

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