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BTS Manual: Commanding Friendly Units

Friendly units (or AI) will follow your commands to the best of their ability. The higher their skill level, the better able they are to carry out your commands. In the face of heavy opposition it is not unusual for a unit to fallback or even flee. If a unit is unable or unwilling to carry out your command you need to change the situation to make it more favorable for them to engage.



The stop command will tell a unit to stop their current activity and wait for another command. At the beginning of a mission, all friendly AI have the stop command.
shift 1 Stop Command

Free Will

The free will command will allow a unit to operate on its own information. It will attempt to carry out the mission requirements and select appropriate targets that interfere with its mission.
shift 2 Free Will Command


The attack command requires that you have an enemy target selected. This target information will be passed to the unit and it will engage the target if it is within its visible or system range. Targets that cannot be targeted by the AI unit will not be accepted as a valid target.
shift 3 Attack Command

Follow Me

The follow command will tell a unit to fall into position next to you and follow you as you change position.
shift 4 Follow Me Command


The fallback command will tell a unit to reverse back to their home nav point while continuing to fire at any enemy units within range.
shift 5 Fallback Command


The flee command will tell a unit to turn and run to their home nav point as quickly as possible. They will not engage enemy units.
shift 6 Flee Command


The mount command will tell an infantry unit to move toward the nearest carrier and attempt to mount. An infantry carrier vehicle given this command will move toward the closest infantry unit and stop near it. The mount command will have no effect on a unit that is neither mountable infantry nor a carrier vehicle.
shift 7 Mount Command


The dismount command will tell an infantry carrier unit (carrying infantry units) to stop so that infantry can dismount. An infantry unit mounted to a carrier will attempt to dismount when given this command. The dismount command will have no effect on a unit that is neither mounted infantry nor a carrier vehicle carrying mounted infantry.
shift 8 Dismount Command

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