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BTS Manual: Head-Up Display (HUD)

Critical operation and weapons information is projected onto the Head-Up Display (HUD), a transparent sheet between the pilot and the window. The HUD reduces the need to look down at other instruments in the cockpit, allowing the pilot to concentrate on the combat situation.

Head-Up Display

Acceleration Indicator: The bar on the altitude tape indicates your current vertical acceleration.

Altitude Tape: The altitude tape scrolls up and down, indicating changes in altitude. Your current altitude is displayed numerically at the center of the tape. Altitude is calculated based on the current ground level.

Arm Firing Position: On Mechs with the ability to flip their arms, this indicates the current facing of the arms.
b Flip arms

Current Weapon: Indicates the currently selected weapon and the number of rounds left as well as the type of ammunition selected.
[ Previous weapon group
] Next weapon group
; Previous ammo type
' Next ammo type
F1 - F8 Select weapon group

Firing Indicator: The firing indicator displays the current weapon firing method; either "group fire" or "single fire."
\ Toggle fire method

Heading Tape: The heading tape is your compass. It scrolls right and left, from 1 to 360 degrees with tick marks every 30 degrees. Your current heading is displayed numerically at the center of the tape.
0 degrees - Due North
90 degrees - Due East
180 degrees - Due South
270 degrees - Due West

Heat Indicator: The current heat level of the Mech is displayed as a thick red circle around the reticle. A full circle indicates the possibility for automatic shutdown and/or ammunition explosions.

Heat Level: The current heat level of the Mech is displayed numerically. Maximum heat level before adversely affecting the Mech varies based on the efficiency of the cooling system.

Heat from Next Firing: The heat generated by firing the current weapon is displayed as a thin yellow arc in front of the heat indicator. The length of the arc is affected by the type and number of weapon currently selected.

Target: All targetable objects are displayed on the HUD as with a target designation (TD) box overlayed. The color of the box identifies their status. Gray designates the lack of line of sight to the target. Green indicates an enemy target. And blue indicates a friendly target. When a target is selected and locked, a red diamond appears in the TD box. Only when the red diamond appears in a green box is line of sight available for weapon fire.
The targeting system will cycle through all identifiable targets. The type of target is indicated as well as the range and the bearing to the target.
t Closest target
shiftt Next target
controlt Previous target
altt Clear target

Target to Range Indicator: When a target has been aquired, the inner circle around the reticle will display the targets range relationship with the currently selected weapon's range. No circle indicates the target is more than twice the weapon range away. A yellow circle shows the range to be within twice the range. And a green circle show the target to be within range.

Throttle Level: The throttle level shows the engine's current throttle setting as a percentage of maximum possible engine output. Negative values indicate reverse thrust. The following keyboard keys control the throttle:
1 - 0 0 - 100% thrust
Up Arrow Increase thrust by 1%
Down Arrow Decrease thrust by 1%
backspace Reverse thrust direction

Speed Tape: The speed tape shows the range of speeds available to the Mech. The first number on the bar indicates the walk speed. The second number indicates the run speed. And the third number is the sprint speed wich is available only with special equipment. These values are recalculated as the Mech takes damage that limit mobility. The current speed is displayed as a vertical bar as well as a number that moves along the speed bar.

Twist Extension: On Mechs with arms that can swing to the side, the twist extension indicator displays the current range of mobility. "Limited" locks the arms in the forward firing arc allowing all weapons to be fired at all times. "Extended" allows the arms to swing out giving a greater firing arc, but limiting the weapons that can be fire to those on the arm.
shiftb Toggle twist extension

Twist Indicator: The twist indicator bar is just below the heading tape and shows the amount of twist from center. The display will only show angles within the forward arc, see twist extension.

View Indicator: The view indicator will display the current view when the camera is not pointed forward. "Left," "Right," "Rear," and "Down" are displayed when those views are selected.
v Toggle view

Weapon Accuracy Indicator: When a weapon is selected, a blue circle around the reticle will display the approximate area in which the weapon will fire.

Weapon Range: The maximum range of the currently selected weapon is displayed.

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