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BTS Manual: Instant Action

Instant Action

Selecting "Instant Action" from the main menu will allow you to set the parameters for a single player mission. Initial placement has you inside a dropship. To begin play, simply move forward and the doors will open. The AI units will be randomly located around 2 or 3 randomly generated navigation points. Restarting a mission will regenerate their locations.

Player Tab

Instant Action Game Screen

Select your unit, up to 4 friendly AI units, mission parameters, and buildings at each of the 4 locations.

Resistance Tab

Instant Action Game Screen

Select up to 6 AI enemy units and skill level as well as their faction.

Environment Tab

Instant Action Game Screen

Select the type of terrain, the height of the terrain, the time of day, the existance and depth of water, rain/snow/dust levels, fog levels, tree/rock amounts, and distance between nav points.

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