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BTS Manual: Infantry School

Water Efects

Infantry and Battle Armor cannot survive under water and will be destroyed if submerged.

Infantry Controls

Control Stick

Moving the stick forward and back aims the weapon vertically and causes a change in pitch of the arms. Pulling the stick back causes the arms to angle up. Pushing the stick forward causes the arms to angle down.
Mouse movements up and down creates the same effect as the control stick.
minus Pitch arms down
plus Pitch arms up

Moving the stick left and right controls the facing of the infantry.
Mouse movements left and right creates the same effect as the control stick.
less than Turn left
greater than Turn right

Foot Pedals

Foot pedals contol the side stepping fo the infantry. Applying left pedal steps left. Pushing the right pedal steps right.
left arrow Step left
right arrow Step right


The throttle controls the direction of movement. Pulling the throttle back slows the infantry. Pushing the throttle forward increases the speed. Reversing the output allows the infantry to walk backward.
Up Arrow Speed up
Down Arrow Slow down
backspace Reverse direction

Jump Pack

Jump packs enable a jump enabled infantry group to clear difficult terrain or gain a situational advantage by moving to a different elevation. Firing jump packs will push your infantry into the air vertically. Horizontal thrust is controlled by the throttle to a maximum speed based on the number of operational jump jets on your pack. Jump jets can be fired continuously but a 60 meter above ground level (AGL) limit has been imposed to limit the damage from falling.
J Fire jump pack (hold)

Mounting Vehicles

Certain vehicles can transport infantry units. The available space and tonnage will determine if a specific unit is able to be transported. To mount a vehicle, simply run into it while it is stopped. The vehicle must be a friendly unit and it must have space available as well as be able to carry the weight of your unit. To dismount from a vehicle, the vehicle must also be stopped.
E Dismount vehicle

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