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BTS Manual: Multi-Function Display (MFD) Windows

Balance Window: The balance window displays the balance status of the Mech. If the indicator is outside the smaller circle, there is a chance the Mech will fall. The further out from the smaller circle represents a greater chance. If the indicator reaches the outer circle, the mech will fall immediately.

Balance MFD

Map Window: The map window displays a terrain map of the surrounding area. Black areas designate terrain that is easy to traverse while colored areas indicate difficult or impossible terrain. Water is represented in a darker shade of green.


Weapon View Window: The weapon view window shows all weapon groups and their remaining ammunition.

Weapon MFD

Weapon Group Window: The weapon group window shows all the weapons in the current weapon group and their location on the unit. A weapon in this view shown in gray designates a weapon that has been destroyed.
W Weapon display mode
[ Next weapon group
] Previous weapon group
F1 - F8 Select weapon group

Weapon MFD

Targeting Window: The targeting display window shows all identified targets within the current range. Range can be switched between 1500 meters and 500 meters. Dots are colored based on their identity. Nav points are yellow. Unidentified targets are gray. Enemy targets are green. Friendly targets are blue. And the currently targeted object is red. The two angled lines show your current field of view and rotate as the torso or weapons rotate.
R Toggle targeting display range

Targeting MFD Targeting MFD

Damage Window: The damage display window shows a graphical representation of the armor and internal structure of your unit. Armor is displayed in green and internal structure is displayed in red. Rear armor is displayed in yellow, inset in the section.

Damage MFD Damage MFD

Systems Window: The systems view displays the operation levels of various systems on your unit.

Damage MFD

Navigation Window: The navigation window displays your available navigation points. The currently selected nav point is displayed in gray. The bearing and distance are displayed below the name of the nav point.
N Select navigation point

Navigation MFD

Chat Window: The chat window displays statements from other players as well as information of what has happened in the game. System messages are in blue, team only mesages are in white, and messages to everyone are in green.
U Open global chat entry window
shift U Open team chat entry window

Chat MFD
Goals Window: The goal window displays your current goals and their status.

Goal MFD

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