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BTS Manual: Multi-player Connections

Online Play

Selecting "Online Play" from the main menu will allow you to create or join a multi-player session on either your local area network (LAN) or the Internet.

Host Game

Host Game Screen Selecting "Host Game" presents you with a screen to set-up the mission parameters.

    Other Faction: Select Opposing Faction. Faction members are automatically grouped together in a team.
    Your Side: Determine if your faction will be the Attackers or the Defenders.
    Connect To: Selecting "LAN" will limit the availability of your server to the local network. Selecting "Internet" will make your server available to the entire Internet.
    Mission Type: Selecting "Private" lets other users know that your server is available only to your friends. Selecting "Open" lets users know that anyone can join the mission.
    Mission Description: Enter a short description that will let your friends find your server, or let everyone know the type of mission you are hosting.

Join Game

Join Game Screen The default selection is "Join Game" and provides mission connection options.

    Query LAN: Pressing this will search the local area network for the available hosts.
    Query Master: Pressing this will connect to the master server which list all available hosts.
    Server List: The server list will show the mission type (open is for anyone, private is for select groups), description (a identifier entered by the host), and ping (lower is better).
    Join Server: After selecting the server from the list, this will connect you to the host computer.
    Direct Conn!: To create a direct connection to the host computer, without searching either the LAN or Internet, enter the IP address of the host computer.


Dropship Screen This screen is an area for the players to chat with each other, select their units, and announce their readiness to begin the mission.

    Player List: The list of players includes their callsign (and identifies the host) and their faction. When a player has selected their unit the ready status shows the class of unit they are fielding. Players will also be able to see the unit selected by another player if they are the same faction.
    Unit: Select your unit.
    Drop: Pressing this will chose the selected unit and announce your readiness to begin the mission.
    Chat: The scrolling log of chat discussions. System messages are in blue, team only mesages are in black, and messages to everyone are in green. Any text entered at the bottom of this screen is sent to the other players.
    Global/Team: This selection determines if any messages you enter are sent to everyone, or just your faction members.

    Host Functions:
    Kick: This will disconnect the currently selected player in th Player List. It is recommended to ask the player to leave first, if they refuse, then it is recommended to "Close Bay" before kicking them to keep the player from reconnecting.
    Close: This will stop the server from accepting new connections and will remove it from being listed in the Server List. It is not necessary to close the bay before launching.
    Launch: Once all of the players are ready, this will begin the mission. If any of the players have not selected their vehicle, this will fail.


Mission Screen The host has access to set the mission parameters. The connected clients show the mission parameters on the right side of their screen.

    Change Mission: This will set the mission parameters to the currently selected parameters. Select the type of terrain, the height of the terrain, the time of day, the existance and depth of rivers and lakes, the level of fog, amount of trees, navpoint distances, and the goal for the mission.

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