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BTS Manual: Mech School


Balance represents the ability to correctly pilot the Mech. Certain actions can force a Mech off balance. It is the pilot's responsibility to control the balance without losing control. The lose of balance control will result in a fall and almost certaily damage the Mech.

Turn Performance

Turn performance is measured in terms of turn rate and turn radius. Turn rate is the number of degrees per second a particular Mech can turn. Turn radius is the distance required to complete the turn. Both are tied to the speed of the Mech. Maximum turn rate and minimum turn radius occur at a stand still while turn rate is almost zero at full throttle.

Water Efects

Water is a double edged sword, whether or not you decide to use water in a combat situation, you should be aware of its effects:

  • Submerged heat sinks will eliminate excess heat twice as fast.
  • Speed is reduced up to 75%.
  • Only energy weapons can be fired under water (at reduced range)
  • Weapons do not cross the water barrier.
  • Physical attack speed and damage is cut in half.
  • Jump jets can not be fired under water.

Mech Controls

Control Stick

Moving the stick forward and back rotates the Mech at the hip and causes a change in pitch of the torso. Pulling the stick back causes the torso to angle up. Pushing the stick forward causes the torso to angle down.
Mouse movements up and down creates the same effect as the control stick.
minus Pitch torso down
plus Pitch torso up

Moving the stick left and right controls the twisting of the Mech's torso. Different Mechs have different twisting capabilities.
Mouse movements left and right creates the same effect as the control stick.
less than Twist torso left
greater than Twist torso right

Foot Pedals

Foot pedals contol the Mech's feet. Applying left pedal turns the Mech left. Pushing the right pedal turns the Mech right.
left arrow Turn left
right arrow Turn right


The throttle controls the engine's output. Pulling the throttle back closes the throttle, decreasing the engine output. Pushing the throttle forward opens the throttle, increasing the engine output. Reversing the output allows the Mech to walk backward, but at a slower rate than moving forward.
1 - 0 0 - 100% thrust
Up Arrow Increase thrust by 1%
Down Arrow Decrease thrust by 1%
backspace Reverse thrust direction


The pilot can manually adjust the Mech's balance point. Initially, the pilot will need to practice keeping the balance centered. More advanced pilots can preload the balance, by shifting the balance to the opposite direction, to perform more risky maneuvers without excessive chance of a fall.
shifta Shift a - Toggle auto balance
w Shift balance point forward
s Shift balance point backwards
a Shift balance point left
d Shift balance point right

Jump Jets

Jump jets enable a Mech to clear difficult terrain or gain a situational advantage by moving to a different elevation. Firing jump jets will push your Mech into the air vertically. Direction is based on the key press based on the direction of the feet. Jump jets can only be fired for 5 seconds, but will continue to slow the descent until landing. Once your Mech has touched down, an additional jump may be made. Pressing a jump key before the 5 second limit will immediately begin descent. Pressing a jump key while descending, but before touchdown will stop all jets and initiate a fall. Falling is necessary to initiate the famed "Death from Above" maneuver.
control1 Jump back-left
control2 Jump back
control3 Jump back-right
control4 Jump left
control5 Jump up
control6 Jump right
control7 Jump forward-left
control8 Jump forward
control9 Jump forward-right

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