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BTS Manual: Finding the Enemy

Advances in detection and counter-detection methods have degraded the battlefield communication system to a visual and short-range electronic detection situation. A satellite or orbiting dropship provides a visual navigation map with identified navigation points as well as non-hidden target identification. Detailed information about targets is gathered by systems on the Mech which are dependent on line-of-sight (LOS) to the target.

Changing Views

Since not all enemys can be identified by these systems, your eyes are still the best detection system available. You are required to watch for targets around your Mech. You have three views available, "forward," "rear," and "down." The third is used mainly for maneuvering Mechs with jump jets.
A vehicle will have four views available, "forward," "left," "rear," and "right." Side and rear weapons will require you to be in their "view" to fire. Turrent mounted weapons will only fire in "forward" view.
Infantry and Battle Armor have only forward view.
v Switch views

Navigation Points

Your Mech is pre-loaded with three or four points of interest. While one is usually your drop and pick-up point, the others identify possible enemy forces or secondary targets.
n Select navigation point


Your Mech's systems can only target objects within visual range. Targets that can be identified by your sensor systems will be designated even though there is not line-of-sight identification.
t Closest target
shiftt Next target
controlt Previous target
altt Clear target

Sensor Systems

All units have visual range determined by environmental factors. Different units have differing sensor detection distances.
Mechs: 550m
Vehicles: 360m
BattleArmor: 0m
Infantry: 0m

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