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BTS Manual: Physical Attacks

Moving close to an enemy is not advisable except in the most dire circumstances. If you find yourself in such a situation, physical attacks may be your only option. The balancing circuits in your Mech will enable you to only activate one physical attack at a time. While this is normally not an issue, damaged actuators can dramatically slow the speed of an attack. And in the case of kicking, your Mech will remain stationary until the kick is completed.
F8 - F12 Physical attacks

Punching/Melee Weapons

Mechs with lower arms are capable of punching with either arm or swinging with a mounted melee weapon. If a melee weapon is destroyed, neither swing nor punch will be possible with the arm.
F8 Left Punch/Swing
F9 Right Punch/Swing


Kicking is the riskiest maneuver in a Mech, after DFA. To initiate a kick, your Mech must be stopped. During the kick, you will be unable to move your Mech. Since kicking is a tremendous strain on the Mech systems, damaging either hip actuator will eliminate the ability to perform a kick with either leg.
F10 Left Kick
F11 Right Kick


The last weapon of a mobile Mech is using it to ram another vehicle. While the previous physical attacks will not damage your Mech, running into another object at speed will damage both your Mech and the other object.

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