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BTS Manual: Using Weapons

To use weapons effectively, you need to know how to designate targets, when to fire, and whether you need to lead your target.
[ Previous weapon group
] Next weapon group
; Previous ammo type
' Next ammo type
F1 - F8 Select weapon group
Joystick button 1 - Fire weapon group
Left mouse button - Fire weapon group
space Fire weapon group

Ammunition Types

Certain units may carry multiple types of amunition for a single weapon. In such cases, it is necessary to select they type of ammunition to be loaded into the weapon. Some ammunition types will change the effective range of the weapon.

Guided Missiles

Long range missiles and streak short range missiles are guided to their target using electronics within the missile. However, it is necessary to set the electronics to the specific target. Placing the reticle over a designated target while line-of-sight exists will ensure the missiles lock onto the target.

Long range missiles can be fired even without a target lock, enabling them to be used against non-targetable objects. Streak SRMs however, require a target lock before they can be fired.

Unguided Missiles

Short range missiles, medium range missiles, and long range missiles without a target or within minimum range are unguided. As such, it is necessary to take into account your and your enemy's current position and speed. The lead indicator shows the amount of lead necessary to successfully hit the selected target.

Ballistic Weapon

All ballistic weapons are unguided. As such, it will be necessary to lead your target.

Energy Weapon

Energy weapons, because of their firing speed, are the easiest to use. Impact is nearly instantaneous so it is not necessary to lead the target. Simply place the reticle over the target and fire.

Artillery and Indirect Fire

Artillery weapons have two firing methods; direct and indirect. Direct fire, with a "D" after the weapon name, fires like any other guided missile. Indirect fire, with an "I" after the weapon name, switches the targeting system over to the Target Aquisition Gear (TAG) network. The targeting is controlled by another friendly unit equipped with TAG.

Artillery does area damage; maximum damage is done at the point of impact (POI), with lesser amounts delivered to objects further from the POI.

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