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2008/04/04 It's been a long time in the making, but the campaign system is in place. The updater isn't working so please check the Download page to get the patch.

2007/11/05 Due to spam bots, I have removed the blog, after moving it to the forum.

2007/04/11 After a brief hiatus, I have returned to developing BattleTech Simulator.

2007/01/12 Updated the Manual to cover Demo 12. You might notice that I have left some "incorrect" information about ballistic weapons in as Demo 13 will revert back to that behavior and I didn't want to take it out just to put it back in.

2006/11/02 Demo 12 available. All 34 factions available, Clan weapons and Mechs, foot and jump infantry that can mount personnel carriers, new and improved weapons, new Mechs and vehicles, and a system to update the program between demo releases.

2006/09/11 Due to greater interaction with the community, I have decided to begin a development blog.

2006/06/21 Demo 11 available. Enhanced AI, new terrain generation, new mission types, added VTOLs, and a few new Mechs and vehicles.

2006/03/01 Demo 10 available. The addition of Battle Armor.

2006/01/23 The holidays, illness, and a fried motherboard have slowed development, however, everything is back in place and progress continues.

2005/11/24 Happy Thanksgiving. I have been giving it some serious thought and I think I will be able to have aerotech in the ground combat game. So as of now, I am planning on including it and everything that comes with it, i.e LAMs.

2005/11/07 Demo 9 available. Since there is an embedded chat in the new version, I have removed the Chat Room from the site.

2005/10/10 Added a Contributions page for those who are unable to assist in development, but would still like to contribute.

2005/09/25 Bought a house and took two weeks to prep the house and move, ugh. It slowed down development, but allowed me to conceptualize a lot of features to now be converted into code.

2005/08/06 Chat Room Added. To facilitate people getting together to play the multi-player part of the game I have added a chat room.

2005/08/05 Demo 8 available. Nothing new, just a conversion to multi-player.

2005/07/21 I was informed there was a major server crash: I regret to inform you that vz10 has suffered a RAID AND BACKUP failure. All data has been lost. We did everything we could to recover the data, but are unable. That means that the forum was lost back to April since that was the last off-site backup. If you signed up after then (which is almost everyone), please remake your account.

2005/06/29 Demo 7 available. While the last demo didn't have a lot of "features," this one does. It adds physical combat, water and its effects, buildings, bases, and AI turrets.

2005/05/16 Demo 6 available. Not very many "features" have been added, but the player experience has been improved with the visual damage system. The game manual now includes all essential information about playing the game.

2005/04/27 I have started to create a game manual, available in the menu. Initially, this is to show the models, but will expand to explain all features of the game from a player's perspective (instead of a developer's one).

2005/04/26 I have now teamed with MekTek to gain a very valuable resource, intellectual property protection. MekTek has permission from MS Games division, Fasa Games/Interactive, and Harmony Gold to build community made mods and develop community based material using the BattleTech universe, including the "unseens." A very big thank you to Vince McMullin (VAM) for embracing the BTS project.

2005/04/20 Since the project has reached a point where assistance is needed from the community, and through the requests of those helping, I have added a forum for the BTS project.

2005/04/18 Added the Mech List and pulled Weapon Statistics off the Features page onto its own.

2005/04/10 Added entry to the FAQ for "Why can't I turn?" as it seems to be a popular question.

2005/04/02 Demo 5 Available. A lot of progress has been made as far as the environment and AI. Again, since there have been some major changes, please check out the "Features" page (new items are in bold).

2005/03/09 I have teamed with Inner Sphere: 3028 to share resources. I am assisting them with their combat system and I get art content in return. They are developing a Massive Multi-Player On-line Role Playing Game (MMORPG) while I am developing a single-player game, so some excellent collaboration will take place.

2005/02/22 Demo 4 Available. The release of Demo 3 met with mixed results. The best part is that I have recieved some assistance with my project and as such, I have added a "Team/Credits" page. Demo 4 is now available and I am very pleased with its progress (check the "Download" page). Since there have been some major changes, please check out the "Features" page (new items are in bold) and the "FAQ" (under zoom). I am still looking for assistance, so if you would like to help out, please let me know (see below).

2005/01/25 Demo 3 Available. I have created this site specifically for my work in creating the software for my pod (more info under "About"). At the same time, I have made Demo 3 available for download. It is the first demo from the Torque game engine.

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